Bored & Hungry Arrives as First Ever BAYC-Themed Restaurant

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A taste of the extraordinary has just landed on Long Beach California in the shape of the first ever BAYC-themed restaurant. For the next 90 days, Ape fans can indulge in a range of fast-food delights from the newly launched enterprise.

Bored and Hungry’ arrived on the scene last Saturday, the brainchild of Web3 entrepreneur, Andy Nguyen. Utilizing the intellectual property acquired by purchasing an ape last March for 90 ETH, patrons can expect to indulge in cartoonified surroundings and consume food served with NFT emblazoned packaging.

In addition, the fine establishment accepts payment in both $ETH and $APE, as well as old fashioned dollars. Thereby enabling high-tech gastronomes to purchase their experimental foodstuffs using their currency of choice. The new food venue opened its doors on April 9, and was met with customers queueing around the block to get their first taste of Bored and Hungry goodness.

WE APPRECIATE YOU ALL! Bored & Hungry in full motion! 🦍🍔

— JustBoredAndHungry (@BoredNHngry) April 9, 2022

Following the opening, Bored & Hungry paraphernalia has reached the trading hub of eBay. Wherein, optimistic resellers have so far received no bids for their $200 pre-owned empty fries’ carton. No sign of the establishment as of yet on the top review sites however.

Discover NFT-themed lunchables >> Here


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