Blood Wars is Bringing a Unique Twist to Anime in the NFT Space

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NFTs and anime are two communities that have very passionate and dedicated fanbases. One has been around for decades and the other is much newer on the scene. But what if these two could be combined to create a concept that caters to both groups of fans?

This is the question posed by Blood Wars, a web3 and NFT-focused project that offers an interactive and engaging community for its fans. Currently, the project consists of 8,888 warrior NFTs that represent unique characters that play a role within a larger anime storyline. 

The Blood Wars Drop

Blood Wars was developed by Blood Creator who had grown up immersed in art and the anime community. The project came about from a desire to offer anime fans the chance to be a part of the stories that they enjoy and the 8,888 NFTs are a means to this end. These NFTs, while unique, all belong to different ‘bloodlines’.

The NFTs will retail for 0.03 ETH during the pre-sale which will run for 24 hours or until sold out, and 0.05 ETH during the public sale. The manga at the centre of Blood Wars is yet to be written and depending on the bloodlines, some of the NFTs will be featured in the actual story. Once the story is written, a free digital copy will be given to all asset holders.

So, prepare your wallet and your warriors and jump into the greatest manga to be developed on Web3, launching on October 9 at 11PM AEDT.

More Than Just a Collection

Not only are the NFTs a part of a digital war between demons and heroes but they also come with a utility for their owners. Holding a Blood Wars NFT gives access to the digital community and Discord page where members can interact. Users will also have lifetime discounts on merchandise and apparel, along with real-life community events. 

One of the most exciting perks is the $10,000 USDC giveaway post launch. Those who mint minimum one NFT will immediately be part of the draw, and every NFT minted after that is an additional entry into the giveaway. However, a maximum of 15 NFTs can be minted per wallet, 5 from the presale and 10 from the public sale.

Following its NFT mint, the Blood Wars team plans to introduce the manga storyboard, apparel and anime trailer. The team has already formed some incredible collaborations with other NFT projects in the space, so be ready for more surprises!

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