Blockchain Game ‘Sui 8192’ Surpasses Solana’s Network Activity

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A hot new blockchain game, ‘Sui 8192’, is causing a substantial swing in daily transactions on Sui, causing speculation that the blockchain network has overridden Solana in terms of network activity.

A Twitter post by the on-chain analytics platform, Artemis, suggests that the Sui Network recently surpassed 20 million daily transactions, dominating Solana’s 16 million. However, it’s important to note that Artemis utilizes a rare methodology for calculating Sui’s daily transactions, adding the network’s transaction blocks rather than each transaction concerning other chains, like Ethereum.

Getting a lot of questions on the @SuiNetwork transaction spike

tl;dr: it’s real

— Artemis (@Artemis__xyz) July 16, 2023

2048’s Tech-Savvy Cousin

The blockchain game Sui 8192, debuted last year, resembles the classic 2014 browser-based puzzle game 2048, involving players tapping arrow keys on their keyboards to shift and combine tiles until hitting a tile worth 8192. However, unlike the quintessential version, each move generates a fresh NFT, effectively requiring a transaction instance that involves a gas fee payment. 

The wallet provider of Sui, Ethos, created this blockchain game to explore how applications can evolve on the Sui network, pioneering the world’s first Sui game on-chain as a result. Each Sui 8192 item consists of the entire game mechanics, with the interface being coded using HTML, CSS, and javascript. Being fully dependent on a single blockchain layer rather than Web2 layers — like databases and servers — the game simplifies maintenance and interactions. 

Additionally adding to the game’s allure is Sui 8192 being considered as a dynamic NFT over its appearance transforming based on user inputs,  presenting the limitless potential of such digital tokens. 

Since launching, Sui 8192’s merging of blockchain technology with the likeness to a cherished, old-school puzzle game has allured a wide user base, enabling the Sui blockchain to expand and evolve. 

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