Blockchain Cuties Adds HECO Blockchain to its Universe

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Blockchain Cuties Universe (BCU) announced earlier this month that it is launching on the HECO blockchain. The collaboration makes HECO the sixth blockchain to be added to the game.

Each time a new blockchain is added to BCU, a new realm within the game is revealed for players. The addition of HECO is no different, meaning that through the launch, players can expect to experience a whole array of new stories, heroes, markets, and exciting giveaways. BCU is currently offering exclusive presale NFTs on HECO, giving gamers the novel opportunity to make the first digital imprints on the new realm BCU are describing as ‘a land of dreams and fantasy.’

HECO’s integration into the game doesn’t stop there, as BCU’s governance token, $BCUG, has been mapped to the blockchain, allowing users to reap all the benefits of HECO. The blockchain will also not be alone within the BCU economic ecosystem, as the game’s in-game economy already allows users to trade Cuties NFTs on Ethereum, EOS, TRON, Polygon, and NEO blockchains.

HECO is known for being a developer-friendly, decentralized public chain known for its high-efficiency, high-speed, and low-fee transaction capabilities, and with its addition to BCU, both users and developers will reap the benefits.

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