Blockchain Brawlers Storms in with Latest Tournament NFT Plazas

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The second edition of Blockchain Brawlers’ esports series of tournaments is here, with participants looking to earn incredible rewards. According to the official announcement, up to 32 top contestants will be in line for cool prizes, as well advancing into the grand tournament, arriving later this year.

This month’s event will take place on January 29, and to sign up, wrestlers will need to buy a Tourney Pass NFT for about 2,500 BRWL tokens, approximately $6. This will automatically qualify gamers, who will also need to get verified via the project Discord. After which, seeding will take place based on each entrant’s placement on the MMR leaderboard at noon PST on January 28.

The official statement from Tyanno Studios warns that if your “MMR Leaderboard name does not match your Discord ID, you will not be seeded.”

That said, to grow the prize pool, 10% of the total BRWL tokens collected at the monthly tournaments will be assigned to the “Player Rewards Pool.” The total amount will be won during the end-of-year grand tournament.

Last month’s event managed to bring in 127,500 BRWL from Tourney passes, and the team behind Blockchain Brawlers believes this month’s tournament will be even bigger.

📢 Can you be the B.E.S.T. This Month?

January promises to be the biggest and best BB tournament ever! We aim for exclusive prizes & more players playing than ever before. The prize lists will extend to the top 32 finishers in the event!


— Blockchain Brawlers™ (@bc_brawlers) January 18, 2023

What Can You Expect To Win By Participating In Blockchain Brawlers’ B.E.S.T. Event?

To encourage more participation, the top 32 players stand to earn rewards of varying sizes. As a participant, gamers can expect to get a customized event NFT that has their name on it, a physical token, a Blockchain Brawlers shirt of theirchoice, and qualification for the end of the year tournament.

Blockchain Brawlers prides its self as the first of its kind Web3 fighting play to earn game. Participants get to buy NFT brawlers and participate in PVP tournaments that earn them BRWL tokens. The game made headlines last year after launching in March and proving an instant success, earning over $375 million in trading volume within the first week.

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