Blankos Block Party Spreads its Chaos to the Mobile Realm – NFT Plazas

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High flying Web3 developer, Mythical Games, has announced it will move operations for its flagship title, Blankos Block Party, to the mobile market. As a result, it will divert all of its development resources to re-purposing its game for the small screen, and move its PC version into an ongoing live event.

This latest move, understood to go by the pared down ‘Blankos’ moniker will bring a fresh new dynamic to the franchise. Essentially, looking to appeal to the mass-market, play-anywhere generation that is always on the go.

As a result of its new plans, Mythical Games will completely rebuild Blankos from the ground up, and apply the lessons it has learned from its original title. Once released however, Blankos will represent a mobile first platform, but it will also include cross-play features for PC users.

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Mythical Games Takes Notes from the Success of NFL Rivals

Mythical Games decision to pivot Blankos Block Party into the realm of mobile gaming no doubt stems from the success of its NFL Rivals platform. Launched earlier in the year, the game has already amassed over 2.5 million downloads. Essentially, achieving this mighty task by blurring the lines between Web2 and Web3 gaming, and appealing to the mass market.

Going forwards, Mythical hopes to repeat this success by repurposing its flagship title, and taking a similar route to its sister project. Therefore, this could likely mean that the NFT and blockchain aspects of Blankos will remain entirely optional for those that play it.

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