Blankos Block Party Season 1 Gets New Update – NFT Plazas

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Blankos Block Party just dropped a new update. The multiplayer experience from Mythical Games launched on the Epic Games Store earlier this year. Bringing its web 3.0 NFT-focused experience widely available to the gaming community.

The new update dubbed ‘Season 1 Update 1.3′ introduces a few new things.

New Gaming Mode

Soccer nets will be added around the Junction in new places every day. Players can now score goals, either for fun or to complete challenges! Players can also stop fellow Blankos from accomplishing their goals by playing goalie too.


The update also fixes an array of bugs. Players can now expect a better audio experience for the TOHO Blankos. Plus an improved build mode should put a stop to players losing access to all controls after using the ‘redo’ action. Furthermore, players will no longer be immune from getting KO’d in build mode.

Further gameplay issues ranging from beachballs failing to spawn, avoiding taking damage while over water, and inconsistencies within the ‘Shogun Race’ are sorted too.

Changes to the user interface have also taken place which should enable an overall smoother gaming experience.

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