Blankos Block Party Drops February Bizaarnival – NFT Plazas

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Blankos Block Party has solidified its reputation in the blockchain gaming industry with its dedicated community and thrilling events. The latest addition, the Blankos Block Party Bizaarnival, only serves to further cement this reputation.

Entering the Bizaarnival

Launching in February, the Bizaarnival will act as not only a party pass but also a way for players to unlock all sorts of rewards. 

“Grab your beads, Party-goers, the real party is just around the corner – Party Pass Season 1: Bizaarnival! springs into the spotlight on February 1st, at 9:00 AM PST / 17:00 UTC!” the announcement from Mythical Games says.

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With this launch being so highly anticipated, Blankos Block Party will experience a 1-hour downtime after which the passes and their associated competitions will go live. The company has explained that there will be daily, weekly, and seasonal challenges through which users may earn hype Points which can be used to claim consumables, currency, as well as unlock exclusive emotes and NFTs. 

Some of the NFTs that are up for grabs include Foole Blanko and Foole’s Cap ‘N Bells Accessory, both of which are worth 812 Hype Points, and with the plethora of other prizes available, it is sure to be exciting. 

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