BL00M – The Flower-Inspired NFT Art Exhibition from 1stDibs

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1stDibs, a leading marketplace for extraordinary design, is primarily known for its retailing ofhigh-end items within the realms of furniture, jewellery and art. Another string of the company’sopulent bow is auctions and NFTs. With a program of monthly curated exhibitions featuringtop CryptoArtists, the 1stDibs NFT art marketplaceis a continuation of the brand’s mission topromote curation, quality, and authenticity that have led it to become a leading destination for those seeking the most beautiful things on earth. 

The company’s April NFT art exhibition is titled ‘BL00M and is headlined by Spanishmultidisciplinary Ignasi Monreal, along with four other prominent CryptoArtists. Although aproduct of five different minds, each of the seven distinct artworks will be focused around thehuman connection with nature, with the universe of flowers serving as the exhibition’s vocal point. 

The NFTs

Monreal’s nine artworks are based around the iconic Poppy, Lotus and Tulip flowers, with each artwork having the purpose of fusing the natural wonders with the seemingly arbitrary complications of human beings. 

Monreal has chosen two ways to do so, with the first being three flowers which have a profoundconnection to the human existence – the poppy alludes to opium, and therefore the addictivenature of cryptocurrency exchanges, the lotus flower is a symbol of purity and spiritualawakening, as well prosperity and success, and the tulip flower represents ‘financial bubbles’ created by human beings, referencing to the ‘tulip mania’ of Holland in the 17th Century.

1652089506 monreal

The second method of Monreal is his ‘dynamic digital garden’ concept, which is arguably one ofthe most creative NFT innovations to date. This is because each artwork depicts theever-changing dynamics of this thing we humans call ‘crypto,’ by allowing its flower artwork toblossom when the asset is sold, or wilt when the market is bare. Other metaphorical inferenceswill also be included in the artworks, such as changing skies and buzzing insects, which, upon tapping into your floral intuition, will help inform you of the state of the crypto market.

1652089511 monreal1

All nine of Monreal’s distinct, colourful, and ever-dynamic designs have been created with thehelp of London-based animation studio NO GHOST. The other NFTs featured in ‘BL00M’ comefrom an eclectic mix of artists who share 1stDibs’ and Monreal’s passion for infusing poetry with art, and human existence with flowers. 

1652089517 Poppy by Ignasi Monreal for BL00M 1

‘What a Beautiful Place to Breakdown’ by London-based artist CoverArtGuy features arestorative quality, with its centrepiece being a woman leaning into a vintage car within an oasisof flowers. For the artist, the juxtaposition between a car and nature is symbolic of the need to step back and adjust when navigating the sometimes unconscious human experience. 

1652089522 coverart scaled 1

‘Child of Light’ by SOULPAINTS features a Gustav Klimt-inspired angel which is surrounded bycosmic symbols that simultaneously depict the sun, moon, earth’s orbit, and a sunflower. Thename behind the artwork is code for ‘student of wisdom,’ a pivotal teaching from 17th Century hermetic philosophy.

1652089535 dunno

‘Bedroom View’ by German-based artist Aris Roth is a futurist, anime-esque dreamscape whichfeatures an eye-catching female figure who appears to be emboldened by the flower-abundant scenery around her.

1652089542 arisroth scaled 1

The final piece, ‘Wild Thoughts’ by Shay the Surrealist, is a metaphorical take which features asilhouette of a young man’s head being transformed into a Northern Renaissance-style collage.Within the contents of the man’s head is a collection of florals, fruits and a hummingbird, which each subtly depict the most prominent parts of a human’s neck and skull.

1652089552 shay scaled 1

The BL00M Auction

The collection’s namesake auctionis technically already up and running, however each asset’s initial reserve price must be hit in order for the auction clock to begin ticking. Depending on theartwork in question, the reserve price will be in the range of Ξ1.0000 (£2,290) to Ξ4.0000(£9,160). Each of the artworks is a complete one-of-one.

Other NFTs Endeavours from 1stDibs 

BL00M is the 11th NFT exhibition from 1stDibs, meaning there are ample more illustrious digital art offerings on the site. The exhibitions are also inspired by a wide variety of artistic styles,including genres such as ‘net art,’ real and surreal 3D animations, music production, formalelements of the digital canvas, and themes such as escapism, ‘metaglyphs’, portals, ‘strange worlds,’ and more. 

As you’d expect, many of the artworks from such exhibitions have already been snatched up byWeb3 art enthusiasts via auction. However, not all are gone, so make sure to check out 1stDibs’exhibition pageto see if anything takes your artistic fancy. 

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