Big Time Studios Launches Open Loot

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Top notch blockchain gaming unit, Big Time Studios, has announced its exceptional Open Loot (OL) platform. A powerful new tool to help developers deploy their games into the wonderful world of Web3.

Big Time Studios, the team behind intergalactic time traveling RPG, ‘Big Time,’ has opted to share its expertise with the wider community. As a result, it has launched OL to enable gaming developers far and wide to deploy Web3 tech within their titles and provide a grand new launchpad so those who follow don’t have to start from scratch.

Within its excellent infrastructure, OL will allow developers to integrate a token-based economy within their games while also adding a spot of non-fungible technology to manage in-game characters and items. A function that then leads into the OL marketplace, an otherworldly destination to trade NFTs, all through a smooth and intuitive UI that provides instant transactions without those pesky gas fees.

After 30+ months of developing Big Time & the Open Loot Marketplace, we are now ready to bring talented game developers to our platform and join in our mission to give players true digital ownership and be part of the value exchange.

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— Big Time (@playbigtime) July 29, 2022

Not only that, the team has also launched the ‘Open Loot Ecosystem Fund’. A fine new initiative to help developers bring their Web3 schemes to life by liberally applying funds and knowledge in equal measure to realize the blockchain dreams of those embarking on a Web3 adventure.

Check out the OPEN LOOT platform >> Here


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