Big Time Readies for its Highly Anticipated SPACE Public Sale

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Forthcoming time-travelling RPG, Big Time, is about to give fans their first taste of SPACE. An NFT powered digital asset that gives owners the ability to upgrade and expand their very own time machine.

The first 60k units of SPACE will arrive via a public sale at 5pm EST on December 21. And as such, will represent 10% of the total supply of this valuable resource. The additional 90% will arrive slowly over the coming years in the guise of in-game loot and further public sales. Once owned, SPACE is then freely tradeable on the secondary market.

SPACE comes in 3 sizes, and 5 degrees of rarity. Where size and scarcity directly impact the features it supports. Therefore, top tier units allow the most expandable areas, rooms and summonable time keepers. Consequently, prices will range from a modest $299, all the way up to a formidable $3,299. Purchases are made via the Big Time marketplace using $USDC or a credit card. While devs are currently working on integrating $ETH soon.

In addition, Big Time has also announced several key platform enhancements, all up and running for the SPACE launch. Therefore, credit card payments, 2FA, and upgraded servers are now live on the platform.

Head to the Big Time marketplace >> Here

Learn More about the SPACE drop >> Here


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