Big Time Readies Early Access for Gold VIP Pass Holders

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For fans of intergalactic eon spanning RPG entertainment, the long wait is almost at an end. Epic third person adventure platform, Big Time, is about to launch early access for pass holders.

Commencing at 6am PST on April 21, gold access pass holders will have the first opportunity to jump into the game. Enabling them to get a head start on the competition while also acquiring an extra set of in game collectibles. Over the following 10 weeks, silver and then jade pass holders will also gain access to the game as it rolls out across the board.

To get in on the action, gamers must first get hold of one of the sought-after VIP passes. Then redeem it via the Big Time Marketplace to tie the game access to the Big Time account. Following which, they will become the lucky few and get going from the initial launch date.

Big Time is a highly anticipated RPG romp through time and space, where gamers travel to distant lands to eradicate their foes. All the while, utilizing NFTs to manage a whole array of interactive elements within the game.

Browse access passes on Opensea >> Here

Follow the pass redemption guide >> Here


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