Bicycle Playing Cards Goes Ape for NFT Intellectual Property

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Renowned vendor of top-quality playing cards, Bicycle, has ventured deeper down the Web3 wormhole. As a result, leveraging the IP of its recently purchased Bored Ape #1227 to jazz up its playing card range.

The illustrious 137-year-old company made its simian purchase back in June for 103 ETH ($187k), choosing the hologram visored monkey jpeg for its distinctive joker card adorned helmet. Now however, Bicycle will push its Web3 dream further, by using the Ape’s IP for a new set of physical playing cards.

Releasing next January, the new deck will feature Bored Ape #1227 both on the packaging and the cards themselves, while the team also hints at ‘Royal Apes,’ which likely means stylizing the lackluster monkeys as face cards. This is all in addition to a line of collaborative decks penciled in for later down the line.

Using its recently acquired Ape status, Bicycle will look to further engage within the Web3 ecosystem. Essentially, seeing a keen affiliation with the industry’s community-driven nature, due to the social element of its product. So, Bicycle continues to demonstrate the secret of its astounding longevity by standing on the shoulders of modern technology and embracing the new world and ready to innovate in the realm of Web3.


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