BetaMars unveils a metaverse real estate NFT offering

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BetaMars hit the global market in early 2022. This metaverse project has following plan to build 1.0 world foundation construction, 2.0 sandbox sociality in metaverse and 3.0 virtual reality metaverse. As of early access, BetaMars 1.0 has attracted wide attention in the market. According to Binance and BetaMars, the first Land NFTs of the company are now available for auction on Binance’s NFT Marketplace. In addition, logging into one’s Binance account will allow one to purchase land NFT.

At a floor price of 0.5 ETH, the company Land NFT will auction using ETH. In the official route before the company goes live, you can reedem four different kinds of Land Certificates for Land NFT.


BetaMars Land NFT is a vital part of the company ecology

BetaMars Land NFT is an important aspect of the the company ecosystem. Additionally, it has a significant impact on the game’s progress. In BetaMars 1.0, players take on the roles of Miner or Lord. And work together to build the world’s basis on exploitation and the acquisition of production materials. Players split all resources and construct the world’s authority in the uncivilized planet.

With the development of BetaMars 2.0 and later versions, culture, law, and values will be formed. There will be new countries, cultures, and commercial empires. As a result, a massive digital civilization continent is forming.

BetaMars is not online yet, it has already been heatedly discussed in the metaverse market

Despite the fact that the company has yet to go live, it has already generated a lot of buzz in the metaverse due to its excellent team, grand vision, innovative gameplay systems, and unique economic model. A number of institutions BetaMars as the metaverse’s dark house in 2022 because of its unique characteristics.


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