Belgian Football Club Incorporate NFT Tech into Business Model

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As NFTs continue to grow across industries, it is to no surprise that the digital asset has began making headway in an array of different sporting contexts, none more so that the biggest moneymaker of them all, football. There are multiple 2022 occurrences that can readily back-up up this statement, such as the construction of the Etihad stadium in the metaverse, the inking of a sponsorship deal between Tezos and Manchester United, and the auctioning of the Premier League NFT license.

As exciting as such endeavours are, the latest coming together of the Web3 and football worlds, which sees professional Belgian football club KMSK Deinze strike a strategic partnership with global GameFi platform Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA), is arguably the most revolutionary of them all, as it marks the first ever instance of a professional sporting entity incorporating blockchain technology into the fundamentals of its business model. 

DEA plans to sponsor KMSK Deinze for the next season, as well as work with the club to create comprehensive Web3 initiatives for its immediate and long-term future. The initiatives will include the purchasing of NFTs, digital assets, and game items on DEA’s PlayMining gaming platform. The club will also begin participating in DEA’s play-to-earn games as a gaming guild, where revenue will be generated from investing in and organizing NFTs for P2E games.

Future web3 initiatives will include the creation of an economic ecosystem using Watch-to-Earn and fan tokens, as well as the implementation of a program which will see supporters invest their earningsfrom P2E games on DEA’s platform back into club-related consumption, which will further the revitalization of the club’s economic sphere.

Hiroyuki Ono, who is vice chairman of the KMSK Deinze board has since spoken on the first-of-its-kind partnership: “The city of Deinze, led by Mayor Jan Vermeulen, has been working on various measures to revitalise the city. When we thought about contributing to the community through football as a member of the community, we wanted to release the potential of football following the most cutting-edge trend of the times. We endorsed the mission of DEA, which advocates social contribution through GameFi. We look forward to working with Mr. Yoshida and the rest of the creative team at DEA“.

You may ask yourself why DEA have decided to partner with a club which is near-enough unknown outside of its domestic setting, however, after inspecting of the structure of each entity, it is evident that both units share interlinking interests. For starters Ono is the CEO of ACA Football Partners (ACAFP), a Singapore-based football business company that plans to create multi-club ownership from Asia, whilst DEA is also Singapore-based.

Through KMSK Deinze being a group company of ACAFP, the initiative will not only boost the value of the global footballing conglomerate, but in doing so, it will also cater to DEA’s added ambition to increase the awareness of its platform and proprietary token DEAPcoin ($DEP) in the European region.

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