‘Beer with Bill Murray’ NFT Raises $185,000 for Charity

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As much as NFTs are always being used for profit-making ventures, they have also proven to be very useful for good causes. Take the ‘Beer With Bill Murray’ NFT which recently sold for $185,000 in ETH, with the proceeds going to charity. 

The sale, which took place on August 31, 2022, was part of the actor’s Bill Murray 1,000 NFT collection and was completed auction-style on Coinbase. Over 60 bids were placed on the NFT from six different potential buyers until a user named Brant Boersma finally won. 

Not only will Boersma get a meeting with Murray but will also have artist David Grizzle in attendance at the meeting to make a painting of it, which they will get to keep. This makes the win all that more special as they will not only meet a beloved actor but also have memorabilia of the encounter. 

Speaking to CoinDesk, Grizzle said that they are relatively new to the world of NFTs, which makes their current gig with the Murray collection even more impressive. 

​​“I wasn’t sure what to think as I’m generally new to NFTs. I launched some of my collections on OpenSea earlier this year so everything that’s happening right now is just amazing,” he said.

Source: https://nftplazas.com/beer-with-bill-murray-nft-raises-185000-for-charity/

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