BeatHeadz – The Narrative-Based NFT Music Collection From Aloe Blacc

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Grammy-nominated soul and R&B artist Aloe Blacc has teamed up with LA street artist Philip Lumbang to launch an NFT collection titled ‘BeatHeadz’. Created with the help of co-founders Jeremy Levitan and Tom Ciszek, the project is a creative, artistic, and narrational attempt to outline the corporate toxicity that has manifested itself into the modern age of the music industry.

The collection launched on on April 21st, and features 10,808 generative profile picture NFTs of human-like cartoons with an adornment for funky headphones. In the future, and through an airdrop of a beat, holders will be able to discover what song their NFT is listening to.

Each NFT is part of a symbolic story which tells the mythological tale of 8 BeatHeadz heroes voyaging to the evil and exploitative land of the ‘Negaverse,’ where they then free its BeatHeadz citizens from the perils created by the ‘muse-sick’ industry. From here, the mission of the BeatHeadz is to bring life and soul back into the universal music scene, by awakening music enthusiasts who are having their money extracted by the ill-intended muse-sick industry. 

Over time, these eight champion NFTs will be revealed, along with 16 one-of-a-kinds, ultra-rare BeatHeadz which have been designed by Lumbang.

In addition, Blacc and Lumbang will turn selected artists into BeatHeadz Music Icons, which will then be airdropped to collectors each month. BeatHeadz Music Icons will come in different tiers of rarity, and those who collect the first 12 will receive a special reward. There will also be a parallel NFT collection of BeatHeadz characters in their imprisoned, Negaverse form, which again, will be PFP NFTs with a unique set of traits. 

In line with Blacc’s passion towards social reform and activism, 25% of the proceeds raised by the collection’s mint will be donated to charities which support music education, whilst the prominent artist also intends for strong community to be cultivated from the launch.

Speaking on the collection and what its community may get to experience, Blacc said: “Great art brings people together. We look forward to offering live music VIP experiences. We also look forward to offering our own branded festivals. In whatever way music can be shared, we want to engage.”


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