BAYC’s New HV-MTL Gaming Hunt is Gearing Up Today! – NFT Plazas

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As of September 7, HV-MTL Forge gamers and their Mechs can explore new adventures. All they need to do is spot a ‘Rift’ from their Forge to partake in an action-packed ‘Hunt’. 

To join in the HV-MTL Hunt, gamers must build on their HV-Homes until a Rift on their game board is visible. It’s recommended for all players to keep expanding their gaming arenas until the Rift emerges to take full advantage of the exciting endeavors ahead:

“Before you can go anywhere, you must get to the Rift. This is the easiest part of your expedition: just build out your tiles into the fog of war (shrouded area) until the Rift Portal is in sight. Off you go,” recommends the Bored Ape Yacht Club guide.

Game entry for the HV-MTL Hunt is said to be easy — all will become apparent once getting in on the action! 

The time for HVs to Forge their own destiny is near.

Explore. Battle. Win. Evolve.

The Hunt begins on Sept. 7th.

— Bored Ape Yacht Club (@BoredApeYC) September 5, 2023

HV-MTL NFTs: Hunt, Vote and Evolve 

Diverging from Bored Ape Yacht Club’s earlier game, Dookey Dash, HV-MTL Forge is a gaming experience like no other. However, instead of racing against the clock, this game takes inspiration from the cherished handheld digital pets in the 90s, Tamagotchis, tasking players with crafting and nurturing their virtual HV Mechs in a similar style. 

HV-MTL NFTs are required to play along, with the floor-price price for one of these gaming gateways sitting around 0.5 ETH ($800), according to OpenSea. Reasons behind the hefty price tag of these NFTs include unlocking not just a plethora of virtual adventures that are frequently updated but also special in-game perks. Although, if lucky, it’s possible to be delegated one by a friend. 

Another perk includes players having a voice in the game, voting for the most justifiable Forges to earn ‘Amps’. Owing to this, gamers must have active participation. Otherwise, they will miss the unique chance to “evolve”. 

Whether being a seasoned HV-MTL gamer or a newbie, the BAYC virtual world offers one-of-a-kind digital experiences – a captivating voyage worth every pixel! 

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