BAYC Founders Doxxed by Buzzfeed, NFT Space Rallies in Support

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Clickbait specialist, Buzzfeed, has drawn the ire of the crypto community by revealing the identities of the until-now elusive Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) creators, resulting in a backlash of epic proportions as the NFT space rallied around its esteemed denizens.

The issue arose when Buzzfeed reporter, Katie Notopoulos, penned an article questioning the validity of pseudonymity within crypto, therefore raising concerns as to the possibility of holding anonymous leadership accountable in the NFT world. Adding a touch of Buzzfeed’s trademark clickbait to proceedings, Katie also published the real names of BAYC’s two founding members.

As a result, the Twitter sphere rallied around the mildly bewildered pair, with condemnation focusing on the dangers in revealing identities in this manner. In addition to taking the issue in their stride, BAYC’s founders began a new trend of comparing web2 and web3 personas via the platform.

Got doxxed against my will. Oh well.

Web2 me vs. Web3 me

— GordonGoner.eth (@GordonGoner) February 5, 2022

According to rumours, BAYC will undergo a new round of funding, representing a huge investment drive thought to take the company valuation up to a massive $5 billion dollars. Keen crypto investor, Andreessen Horowitz will lead the round, a major contributor to, oh, Buzzfeed.


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