BabySoccer is launching its metaverse token presale

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The BabySoccer game, a new soccer metaverse game, is announcing the launch of its NFT Metaverse game ahead of its NFT token’s presale. MoreovertThe game is a decentralized worldwide multiplayer game. In addition NFT platform intending to reward holders throughout the medium and long term.

The presale for the BabySoccer token will begin on February 3 at 15:00 UTC. With a soft barrier of 100 BNB and a hard maximum of 200 BNB.


P2E Gaming Calls for Community Participation

BabySoccer is a cryptocurrency-based soccer game. It is one of the projects that will usher in a new era in the sports environment. Players can take part in a variety of video games and soccer matches, all of which are linked through blockchain and NFT.

Users can boost their ROI by trading, farming, staking, or tokens within the BabySoccer ecosystem. Staking benefits, for example, equate to dividend distributions, which help to keep the blockchain strong, stable, and secure.

According to the BabySoccer game makers, the game will provide openness and fairness to its community by collecting feedback from players via surveys to aid them in making project decisions.

BabySoccer Token

We use BabySoccer(BSC) for the majority of activities that take place within BabySoccer’s universe, including purchases and sales of assets. A total of 100,000,000 BSC are available. On PinkSale, the token presale will begin on 03.02.2022 at 15:00 UTC.


The following is the BabySoccer NFT token distribution: BSC tokens have a total supply of 100 million. The presale will receive 40 percent of the overall supply. The liquidity pool will consume 21% of the entire supply, whereby the project will redistribute it back to BSC token holders on the platform.


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