Baby Shark Heads to MakersPlace with Psychedelic NFT Collection

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Sometimes you breeze through life blissfully unaware of the horrors occurring all around you. Then, through no fault of your own, a hideous technicolor world is thrust upon you. Anyway, on a completely unrelated note, Baby Shark is preparing for its first-ever NFT collection.

Heading to NFT marketplace, MakersPlace, are six re-imaginings of the Baby Shark family. Each animated piece begins with a traditional colour scheme, before morphing in a hallucinatory manner through a kaleidoscopic dream world. All the while, a psychedelic rendition of the now iconic song plays in the background.

Baby Shark: Collection No. 1 Drops this week 12/02!

Baby Shark’s first official NFT collection from @Pinkfong debuts with the lovable character swimming to the blockchain for the first time 🔥

Preview all artworks here and subscribe for updates

— MakersPlace (@makersplaceco) November 30, 2021

In total, six unique designs make up the collection, including an auction for a one-of-one NFT featuring the titular Baby Shark, which additionally entitles the winner to a one-of-one vinyl pressing of the original song, plus, 5 limited editions displaying his closer family. All six will arrive on MakersPlace at 3:30pm PST on December 2. The collection is in co-ordination with Baby Shark creators, Pingfong, Sony Entertainment and MakersPlace. It represents the first set of NFTs in the Baby Shark series.

The Baby Shark Dance took the world by storm back in 2016, becoming the most watched YouTube video of all time, currently sitting at 9.7 billion views. Meaning, some of you out there have watched it twice.

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