Azuki Goes into Meltdown Amid OpenSea Delisting Controversy

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Controversy has once again reared its ugly head as NFT powerhouse, OpenSea, errantly delisted items from the Azuki collection. As a result, sending NFT Twitter into fits of blind panic and maniacal glee in equal measure.

According to a statement from OpenSea, a problem occurred within its trust and safety flagging feature. In turn, firing off emails to collectors of the somewhat revered assets indicating they were removed from the platform, followed by spawning dozens of ‘OpenSea has delisted Azuki’ Tweets from social media ‘influencers’ across the board.

— LooksRare.eth (@LooksRare) September 30, 2022

Immediately after the announcement, several collectors indicated they had accepted lowball offers as a result of the news, with a certain level of credence surrounding the events due to the perceived misdemeanors of Azuki founder, Zagabond. However, as of writing both the general asset and floor prices remain largely unaffected.

During the commotion, OpenSea received little support from its competitors, with the likes of LooksRare openly mocking the incident via their Twitter account. As is the rollercoaster world of the non-fungible token, those petty digs at the leading marketplace could quite easily come back to haunt them.


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