Axie Infinity Turns Heads with Incredible Project T Playtest – NFT Plazas

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Deep from the very heart of Lunacia, a new gaming experience has emerged to provide an immersive social experience for those invested in the Axie Infinity universe. Through its Project T prototype, players have had a first glimpse of a new casual gaming world where owners can interact with their charming axolotls, and even engage with each other.

In just 10 short days, Axie creator, Sky Mavis, has both unveiled its all-new gaming mode, and debuted it to core members of its community. Effectively, rewarding its longstanding players, while allowing the team to test and develop the platform in real-time.

Project T centers around a new gaming mode that challenges players to form a strong personal bond with their Axies. To achieve this, they must first take the form of a customizable ‘Sapidea’ character, that will represent their avatar within the Project T world. Players must then navigate the environment to complete tasks that will have a direct impact on the wellbeing of their non-fungible pets.

In addition to the general gaming mode, players can also enter into a vast multiplayer area where they can socialize and interact with other members of the Axie community. Through this facility, project T allows its participants to hang out and play mini games with real people from all over the world.

Axie Infinity Kicks off Project T with an Exclusive Playtest

Axie Infinity debuted its amazing new Project T prototype on August 25 with a closed beta demo for select members of its community. As a result, owners of mystic, origin and land NFTs, as well as 100 leaderboard winners from seasons 1-4 were able to join in the fun. These good folks then grasped this new opportunity with both hands to create a raucous environment filled with good spirits and cheer.


— The Jiho.eth 🦌 (@Jihoz_Axie) August 25, 2023

Going forwards, Sky Mavis will continue to develop its new offering, before opening up to more users further down the line. Once properly up and running, the team will incorporate the AXP experience points system in order to level up gameplay!

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