Axie Infinity Supports its Community with New Builder’s Program

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Play-to-earn maestro, Axie Infinity, has launched a brand new builder’s program, putting together a suite of development tools and knowledge to aid community developers, thereby supporting its belief that the future of the platform lies in community co-operation.

As part of the initiative, Axie Infinity, and parent company, Sky Mavis, will provide a host of resources and support tools to aid budding developers, which will result in a new era of community-built gaming experiences built around the Axie framework.

To aid the endeavour, Sky Mavis has side-lined 5000 $AXS tokens ($400k). As a result, it will distribute a minimum grant of $5000 to any successful candidates, as well as provide design support, guidance and Ronin integration to help them on their way.

That’s why we’re seeing the future on @AxieInfinity is bright📈 Axie Infinity Builder program is here. Join now👇

— Black Mamba (@blaack_mambaa) January 19, 2022

The Axie team will select candidates on a case-by-case basis, while contributing factors such as mindset, feasibility, commitment and community engagement will all play a part in the final decision. Furthermore, Axie encourages builders to incorporate play-to-earn mechanics into their projects. However, it must integrate $SLP or $AXS, and either burn 10% of revenue, or return it to the treasury.

To support this endeavour, Axie has opened a new “Builder’s Program” channel on its Discord, while also releasing a limited amount of public development tools and resources.

Apply for the Builder’s Program >> Here


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