Axie Infinity Stages a Mighty Comeback – NFT Plazas

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We are only a few weeks into the year but something interesting appears to be happening with the popular play-to-earn game, Axie Infinity. Recent data shows that its number of active users has jumped by an impressive 59%. This represents a massive comeback not just for Axie Infinity itself, but also for the play-to-earn model as a whole. 

Is P2E Experiencing a Comeback?

As many of us might recall, play-to-earn games saw a bit of a slump last year, partially due to the crypto winter. Its decline after having a successful 2021 run even led to some declaring the niche as dead.

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However, Axie Infinity’s recent resurgence is countering this narrative. Not only are the active Axie Infinity user wallets up by 59% but the value of its native token AXS and SLP peaked at the middle of the month. There are a number of possible reasons for this; the game released some upgrades at the beginning of the year with new features like avatar customization

It could also signal a renewed interest in play-to-earn, especially given the fact that several cryptos are showing mild signs of recovery. Either way, we can only hope this positive trajectory continues.

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