Axie Infinity Outlines its Development Plans for the New Year

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Axie Infinity and its army of world builders have stormed into the new year with unwavering enthusiasm. Steaming ahead with a host of platform upgrades, new lore, and brand-new gaming mechanics.


First up, Axie’s devs are building out the Origins (battles V3) upgrade at a grand old pace. Preparing to introduce new power ups, new visual effects, and the return of animated facial expressions. The update will also launch a new free-to-play mode using free starter Axies, consequently aiding onboarding to the platform by removing the paywall for those who just want to have fun. Development is progressing speedily, with the Alpha test release scheduled for the coming months.


Axie Infinity has committed the bulk of its resources to building out “Project K,” its highly anticipated open-world extravaganza. Current focus surrounds the in-game trading feature that will enable players monetize in-game assets, while additional resources design and model interactive elements such as buildings and items.

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Upcoming Perks

Season 20 of Axie Infinity is right on schedule with the team preparing to launch its patches for testing before the season begins. However, it will turn to the community for suggestions should any problems arise in the gaming mechanics. In addition, Axie is looking to introduce a referral code to reward members from the growing community, as well as introduce a grants program for community developers.

Sky Mavis has grown its core team to over 100 members, hiring a wealth of new talent, including animators, concept artists and 3D designers, while additionally continuing with this theme of growth by expanding its team further. Worthy candidates can check the current openings here, where they can ply their trade in the vibrant Ho Chi Minh City.

As a final note, Sky Mavis is still keeping its $RON release date under wraps. However, $RON farming continues unabated, so get involved via the Katana DEX.


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