Axie Infinity Marketplace Gets a Crypto Flexibility Enhancement

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Axie Infinity product designer Jeff Kam has taken to Twitter to shed light on a new update to the game’s marketplace. Simply described as ‘exciting,’ the new feature will allow users to buy Axies and other assets using any token, followed by a ‘part 2’ in the coming weeks, which will complete the trade circle by allowing users to begin listing assets in any token. 

The enhancement has been made possible by Katana, a tech service which will automatically swap cryptocurrencies using one simple transaction. Katana’s services will also allow currency swaps to be reviewed in detail, which, according to Kam, collectively renders a ‘more flexible’ experience for both buyers and sellers.

Later today we’ll be deploying an exciting new feature to the Axie Infinity marketplace. You’ll now be able to buy axies and other assets using any token. And in the following weeks we’ll ship part 2 of this feature which will allow you to list assets in any token you want.


— Jeff Kam | Shade (@jeffreykam) April 14, 2022

In more words of Kam, as well as what we can assume to be those of the Sky Mavis team in general: “This feature is a step towards smoother onboarding into the Axie ecosystem. It’ll save users from navigating to Katana, swapping, and returning to the marketplace. The improved user experience should increase conversion and have some positive effects on the entire ecosystem.”

To add even more excitement to users, Kam ended off his announcement by saying that ‘there is more to come’, as users can expect to see more feature enhancements before the global launch of Origin. 


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