Axie Infinity Launches “Releasing” Mechanism to Thin the Herd

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With over six million Axies currently in existence, Axie Infinity is having a bit of a population crisis as the sheer volume of creatures is causing economic chaos on the platform. It is pertinent then, to thin the herd, and provide stability to the ecosystem.

As reported earlier in January, Axie Infinity’s Lunar New Year land items have finally arrived, bringing with them the highly sought after Axie “releasing” mechanism. According to the documents, owners can send their surplus Axolotls aboard the Lunacian express, to frolic free in the vast meadows of Lunacia. Definitely not burning them to a cinder in a vast pyre of abandoned Axolotls. That would be barbaric.

For their troubles, former owners will receive one of five special Lunar New Year land items of varying rarity. A totem to remember the once potential saviour of an Axie career. The crowning glory of these future relics is the Crimson Tiger, with only a 1% chance of success.

1642931707 axie infinity releasing 2.png

In addition, each released Axie will also function as an entry ticket to three legendary raffles. As a result, participants stand a chance to win fabulous prizes. Up for grabs are, 1x 5 Axie Origin Coins (AOC), 10x Kitsune Mystic Land Items, and 100x CoinGecko or Ganbaru CrypTon Epic Land Items. The valuable AOC tokens providing a hint at an upcoming new Ronin feature where each coin will unlock a new Origin Axie. Exciting times in the world of Axie Infinity.

Send your Axies off on a “journey” >> Here

Image credit via: Himetsu Art | Shogunate


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