Axie Infinity Evolves with Dynamic NFTs and Experience Points

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In the dreamlike land of Axie Infinity, a remarkable development has transpired, opening the imaginations of players across the globe. Marking a pioneering stride toward upward advancement, Axie Infinity dynamic NFTs are evolving the cute monster characters into lifelong allies and valued familial relics. 

Alongside the propelling of Axies as digital collectibles and usable entities that can evolve, grow and forge lasting relationships with their owners is the introduction of Axie Levels and Axie Experience Points (AXP). 

Axie Experience Points are live! Axies are now dynamic NFTs that can be improved with time, effort, and skill.

This is the first step towards vertical progression and axie part upgrades.

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— Axie Infinity (@AxieInfinity) July 18, 2023

Level Up with Axie Experience Points

Counter to that, players can garner AXP by delving into the thrilling Axie Infinity world and partaking in ranked battles, whereby stamina is amplified, and each victorious Axie claims a generous 150 AXP for their pioneering efforts. The more wins that tally, the higher the amount of AXP granted, opening new levels of potential and power that cannot be transferred, boosting uniqueness and individuality. 

As Axies earn AXP, milestones trigger the ‘Ascension’ process — an innovative mechanic whereby the Axie elevates to greater heights and opens a wardrobe of customization options. Once hitting 13,310 AXP, Axies can preserve their achievements and progress, ensuring players’ journeys do not stop there.

Once Axies level up, they can upgrade their body parts, further enhancing their aesthetics and abilities and fostering ownership, personalization, and stimulating strategic decision-making. 

Regardless of already offering players multiple gaming options, including community building with aligning incentives that have real-world impact, AXP enables players to infuse skill, time, and resources for stronger player performance, with Axie Infinity dynamic NFTs setting the playable characters apart from other assets — forging destinies in the intriguing Web3 landscape not yet seen. 

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