Avalanche metaverse game is launching an NFT sale

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Imperium Empires has successfully won over the support of Avalanche, AVATAR, and Avalaunch, making it’s first AAA metaverse game.


Avalanche is clearly becoming the dominant Layer-1

Avalanche is quickly establishing itself as the dominating Layer-1, capable of handling even the most complicated and ambitious jobs. Imperium Empires, according to Avalaunch, represents the next development of blockchain gaming. Not only for Avalanche but for the entire industry.

Imperium Empires aims to provide actual value to its customers through empowering its worldwide community of fans and gamers. In addition to engaging immersive gameplay. We feel that this long-term, community-driven, societal-interest-driven game paradigm is the way of the future, and we are ecstatic to be able to support it.”

Avalanche’s first AAA metaverse game, Imperium Empires has introduced a series of Genesis NFTs

As Aalache’s firts AAA metaverse game, Imperial Empires will also introduce a series of Genesis NFTs. Galaxy Scootie, Strekzans, Augear, and Aurostar are among the initial wave of NFTs, which include spacecraft with notable features. These characteristics provide players with a number of distinct advantages in the game, as well as the ability to obtain distinctive bonuses.

NFT spaceship will vary in rarity, making them limited edition. Given the overall concept of Genesis NFTs having a limited supply, the number of available spaceship NFTs for sale will be less than the total number intended for supply. A portion of these funds will go to Imperium Empires’ community activities and other strategic partners.

These tokens are priced in IME, hence the payment has to be exclusively made in IME as well.

Furthermore, players cannot sell spaceship NFTs immediately after their production. As a way for players to trade, Imperium Empires will offer an official NFT marketplace. Along with Imperium Empires’ roadmap, this is set to launch in March 2022.

Source: https://metanews.com/avalanche-metaverse-game-is-launching-an-nft-sale/

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