Autograph Heads to the Fairway with PGA Tour Golfing NFTs

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Hold onto your hats golf enthusiasts, the world’s third most popular game of stick vs ball is heading to the blockchain. As a result, Tom Brady’s fan engagement vehicle, Autograph, has partnered with PGA Tour to bring the sport charging into Web3.

Through the new initiative, Autograph will shepherd a whole new range of golfing NFTs onto its platform. Essentially, delving into the PGA Tour vaults to dig up some of the choicest videos and images from its archives and offering a fresh new perspective to the world of golf, as folks far and wide get to celebrate its rich history.

Legendary moments, meet the future of fandom. We’ve partnered with the @PGATOUR to create exclusive digital collectibles that let fans collect the most iconic moments from the TOUR, unlocking rewards & utility.

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Launching early 2023.

— Autograph (@Autograph) September 19, 2022

According to sources, Autograph will debut the first golfing NFTs early in 2023, with celebrated golfing powerhouse and Autograph advisory member, Tiger Woods, on hand to help steer it in the right direction. The team is expected to offer a new take on the sporting NFT while providing an extra bonus of real-world utility.

The end result will see a whole array of officially licensed digital merchandise make its way onto the Autograph platform. Therefore, providing a way for golfers to while away the rainy days with a tremendous new window to the sport.

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