Aussie Band ‘Boy & Bear’ Launch NFTs in Collaboration with Amex

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Multiple winner of ARIA Awards, indie rock band Boy & Bear is propelling itself into Web3 through the launch of an NFT collection in collaboration with American Express. As its name, ‘Boy & Bear x Back The Night’ suggests, the collection coincides with the credit card brand’s ‘Back The Night’ music festival later this month.

The NFTs feature Back The Night digital artwork which resembles artwork from the band’s latest single ‘State of Flight’. There are three tiers of NFTs in the collection, with 200 Blue versions for $15 a piece, four Gold versions for $200 a piece, and a 1/1 Platinum version which is on auction until 10PM BST on May 26th. In addition to their artistic aesthetic, the NFTs also serve as an access key for extra Boy & Bear experiences and merchandise. 

In an effort to ensure as much positivity is rendered from the launch as possible, the band has opted for the NFTs to be minted on the carbon-neutral Fanaply NFT marketplace, 70% of the sale’s revenue will be pumped back into the music industry through donations to the Support Act charity. 

In making a statement on their inaugural NFT launch, the Aussie band had this to say: “We’ve experienced how badly the Aussie music industry has been hit over the last couple of years and having the opportunity to create our own NFTs and provide some awesome experiences with American Express for our fans, all in a way that tangibly gives back to Support Act – feels great. It’s nice to be able to play a small part in something bigger”.

For those in Oceania wishing to experience Boy & Bear in its full, IRL capacity, you can catch them at their ‘Back The Night’ music festival performance, which takes place at Surly’s American Tavern, Sydney, at 5PM (local time) on May 29th, 2022.

Image credit via: Boy & Bear


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