Aurory Continues to Blaze a Trail in the Solana NFT Space

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For the better part of this year, the Solana Network has emerged as a forced to be reckoned with among play-to-earn gaming circles. One such title to make significant inroads during this period comes in the shape of spectacular RPG romp, Aurory.

Over recent times, the Aurory project has gone from a low-level concept to one of the most promising blockchain games around. Kicking off a highly productive period with a 10k collection of Aurorian NFTs, which now boasts an impressive 42 $SOL ($2000) floor price, while its recent introduction to the OpenSea marketplace will likely push that demand higher.

Since that initial launch however, Aurory has by no means rested on its laurels. So far, the team has launched a governance token, staking mechanics and on-board marketplace, all in addition making very steady and visible progress with the game.

As of now, anyone can jump into its browser-based UI and have a look around, taking the form of a small blue raccoon to explore the currently available surroundings. NFT holders have a little more freedom however, with tokens providing access to gated areas and additional experiences, while the most recent update allows collectors to interact within the game in the form of the NFT character itself.

It’s time! You can now control your Aurorians in the Nexus 🎮

We are just getting started

— Aurory (@AuroryProject) May 17, 2022

According to reports, the next big milestone will see PvP arrive to add even more gameplay driven mechanics to the platform. All in all, an exciting time to be a part of the Aurory Project.

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