Auction of Sci-Fi Anthology vIRL NFTs Live on WAX

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WAX is back with another epic collection of vIRL NFTs, celebrating legendary Sci-Fi artworks. Titled the “Sci-Fi Art Anthology” collection, the series features illustrations from Sci-Fi books, movies, magazines and radio shows from 1910 to 1970.

The auction is live now and will be available for one more week, starting with ‘A Story of Days to Come,’ which is an artwork originally seen in H.G. Wells’ 1929 publication All Seeing Eye Amazing Stories.

The winning bidder of this ultra rare 1-of-1 vIRL NFT will also have the opportunity to redeem it for a stunning 19×24 inch museum-grade physical print. Bidding starts at the $WAXP equivalent of $1,500 and goes up in 10% increments as bids increase.

The NFT features the vibrant artwork of Frank R. Paul, who brilliantly captured Wells’ vision of future society through the use of bold and contrasting colours, as well as interesting illustrations of futuristic concepts. It also shows staircases descending into subterranean transports and the first glass screen projecting advertising on the office building, showing the latest in Womens’ hats.

This iconic and historic artwork was brought back to life in the 2000s. A team of digital artists were commissioned to restore it from the famed “Ackerman Collection” (curated between 1910 and 1970).

Stay tuned for more exciting auctions from this fantastic Sci-Fi collection!

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