Attarius Network Integrates with KILT Identity Protocol

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Blockchain-based gaming ecosystem, Attarius Network, is levelling up its ID security by bringing KILT Protocol into the mix. And as a result, will provide users with a powerful suite of Self Sovereign Identity tools.

This new addition will supercharge a number of identity-based security features on the network. Therefore, allowing users the ability to set up self-sovereign, anonymous and wholly verifiable credentials. The first integration of which will arrive on the recently launched Attarius Wallet. And will later see support on the upcoming Attarius NFT marketplace.

KILT Protocol’s incorporation with Attarius Network marks a key stage in platform development. Where the end goal is to create an all-in-one NFT Gaming ecosystem focused on the Middle East and Asian markets. With this new tech, users can connect purchases, achievements and levels as credentials to their KILT identity. And then have ultimate control over the use of that data.

As well as these superb features, KILT will also track user performance throughout the Attarius Network. And will then leverage this information to aid setting up gaming alliances, in the shape of guilds and DAO’s. Each tailored to match players with a similar skillset in order to create a smooth gaming experience.

Attarius Network are happy to announce our partnership with BOTLabs GmbH, the developers of @Kiltprotocol
Our collaboration will allow the blockchain gaming community to freely port their assets between protocols, create game guilds and DAOs@AttariusN

— Attarius Network (@AttariusN) December 22, 2021

The integration of KILT Protocol marks the first collaboration between its creator, BOTLabs GmbH, and Attarius Network. And is an exciting development for blockchain gamers operating in the ecosystem. Speaking via a press release, BOTLabs CEO, Ingo Rübe, stated: “Attarius Network offers multiple use cases for KILT Protocol. Gaming communities and NFT marketplaces are at an inflection point that will be accelerated by blockchain applications. We’re excited to be part of this experimentation and innovation.”

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