Astra Guild Ventures Launches on Multiple Leading IDO Platforms

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DAO and NFT gaming guild Astra Guild Ventures (AGV) is launching on several initial decentralized exchange platforms, in an effort to redefine the future of NFT gaming and blockchain technology. The company’s expansion is also accompanied by its successful private token sale of $3 million.

The platforms that AGV is launching on include Cooperlaunch YellowRoad, Luna Pad, PlayPad, MultiPad, DAOstarter, DAOLand, BSCMemepad, Maison Capital, Krystal, Oxbull, Arax, Lithium, and its own AGV launchpad. The launch of IDOs on such platforms will give AGV’s fast-growing community the opportunity to invest in the company, to further aid in its mission to create more opportunities for players, developers, investors, and tech leaders within the NFT play-to-earn and blockchain-based gaming space.

AVG generally participates in NFT gaming investments and scholarship programs within hit game Axie Infinity, where it records over 190,000 SLP daily and earns an average monthly revenue of $800,000. The guild also has a stake in other play-to-earn games such as Realms of Ethernity, Kart Racing League and PlaceWar, with over 2,000 Axie Infinity scholars and managers.

In addition to being considered as one of the fastest growing NFT guilds in the blockchain landscape, AGV is also a pioneer in transparency and decentralization. It is the first DAO and NFT gaming guild to reveal its real-time earnings through its Earnings Dashboard, and it also has a verifiable and publicly available list of assets. Its goal of becoming one of the first NFT gaming guilds to fully launch a decentralized platform is also seen through initiatives such as the launch of its DAO Governance Board, where AGV holders can propose, vote on, and change the DAO’s policies.

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