Asian Zodiac NFT Project ‘TEB’ Launches with Tiger NFTs

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Introducing Twelve Earthly Branches (TEB), a new NFT project which pays homage to the namesake East-Asian mythological story. TEB LAB have sought inspiration from the South-Korean adoption of the story, where twelve animals took part in a race to determine their place in the Asian 12-year cycle. Combined with their enthusiasm for blockchain technology, TEB seek to shed true creative, artistic, and technological light onto the sacred story, through the limitless medium of the metaverse.

As we are in 2022, the launch of TEB is embodied in the roar of the Tiger, however, expect to be introduced to new animals as the project’s sustainable ecosystem of storytelling evolves throughout the different years. 

The Collection

TEB’s inaugural NFT launch is a collection of 20,000 NFTs from the Tiger Family, titled ‘TEB x SeoulTiger’. As showcased across the project’s social media platforms, these NFTs sport a distinct and dynamic tiger portrait in the format of a profile picture, each of which possess a variety of unique and creative attributes.

Benefits of holding a TEB x SeoulTiger NFT, as well as an NFT from a future TEB release, include having the rights to use the NFT for commercial use, being eligible to be airdropped TEB character NFTs, receiving profit shares in the project, being a member in the project’s DAO system, and being involved in additional IP which the project takes over.

The public mint date and prices of the drop are yet to be announced, however, the collection will be built on the Ethereum blockchain, where ETH will be required to purchase the NFTs.

1645264209 teb.jpg

Rewards for the NFT Community

As TEB’s ambition is to produce masterclasses in Asian Zodiac storytellings, the project simultaneously has a deep appreciation for the story of the ecosystem in which it resides in, that is, the story behind NFTs and blockchain technology. 

With this in mind, TEB have decided to reward NFT community members who’ve put faith in the project they deem as the most pioneering: the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection. TEB see BAYC as the collection which built on the values originally established by CryptoPunks, by opening up the asset’s ability to grow through adding storytelling, community, and scalability to its utility.

The team is reserving half a portion (10,000) of the TEB x SeoulTiger collection for those in ownership of a BAYC NFT, who will be eligible to receive an airdrop of one of the NFTs (only paying for gas fees).

The project will burn any of the allocated NFTs that are not adopted by BAYC holders, therefore putting philosophical values over monetary values. 

1645264216 teb1.jpg


Now that Phase 0 is underway as teaming building and the website launch has taken place, whilst the pre-minting and community launch are fast approaching, it’s time to look ahead at the project’s Phase 1, which includes the whitepaper release, an art event, and of course, the public mint of the Tiger Family collection.

Phase 2 will see the introduction of the Dragon Branch, free airdrops to TEB NFT holders, a DAO application launch, online and offline meet-ups for community members, the launch of a YouTube channel, and securing new NFT investments and IP.

Phase 3 will see the Cow Branch take centre stage, another TEB NFT owner airdrop, token economy updates, the launch of a Play-to-Earn game, a ‘Webtoon’ release, and the project beginning its foray into fashion. 

The final stage in the roadmap, Phase 4, will see the Dog Branch let loose, the launch of a ‘TEB Zone’ on a metaverse platform, a marketplace release, and collaborations with musicians. 

Make sure to keep tabs on TEB’s Twitter page for updates on the upcoming mint, as well as to take part in NFT and whitelist spot giveaways. 

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