Ascendants – The Professional NFT Analyst Group

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With the NFT realm expanding rampantly with no signs of slowing down, access to informative and trustworthy insight into the industry is becoming a necessity if success is what you wish to achieve. That being said, success can almost always be viewed as a subjective concept. The NFT realm is no exception, as it could involve anything from identifying the best communities to be part of, to flipping NFTs for a profit, to launching your own project with proficiency. 

Whichever area of success you wish to experience, The Ascendants, a collection of professional NFT analysts with the unilateral goal of providing extensive insight into Web3 for its onlooking community, have all bases covered. With the coveted NFT analyser Absolute Salt as its founder, the project is launching a series of richly diverse initiatives, which are all in the name of education and utility.

Gifts of The Gods NFTs

In an effort which simultaneously demonstrates the project’s credentials, The Ascendants has launched its own 645 asset Gift of The Gods NFT collection, with 555 of which being Gift of Poseidon Passes, and 90 being Gift of Zeus Passes. Here, the former (with a  current floor of 0.5 ETH) provides owners with access to ‘Mount Olympus,’ whilst the latter (with a current floor of 4 ETH) provides access to ‘Atlantis’. 

In addition, both assets also serves as access keys to special areas of the The Ascendants Discord and the Tools of The Gods.

Other Projects

Perhaps the most regular insight offering from The Ascendants is its NFT Weekly Update YouTube Series, which sees Absolute Salt dive deep into the latest and most relevant news from within the space. The channel also includes additional, less time-specific content which explores areas such as ‘How to make money within the NFT space’.

Powered by the expertise of Alpha group partnership facilitation tool provider Transmission3, Absolute Salt and The Ascendants have struck multiple deals with illustrious names within the space, with perhaps its most prominent being its onboarding as project collaboration influencers by the number one influencer marketing agency Bridge3. In addition, the project has also formed a general partnership with cartoon PFP NFT project MINDBLOWON.

In the future, the team will be launching its own NFT marketplace (which is expected to be called AGORA) and $ASCEND token, whilst also presenting their expertise in the physical realm, as members will be speaking on a panel at NFT NYC in late June. 

Roadmap & Team

Now the project’s Gifts of The Gods NFT collection is fully launched, the project is planning the release of its AGORA NFT marketplace and $ASCEND token, as well as delivering more partnerships, completion of tools, and releasing 1/1 Team NFTs called ‘Pantheon of the Gods’.

The Ascendants is founded by its lead analyst and industry expert Absolute Salt, with alexiuss.eth handling the expansion of the community.

The Ascendants’ collaboration manager, and chart-topping artist SGAR of electronic duo Ash Nova and progressive metal band One Hundred Thousand, will be creating and curating unique music soundbytes for Pantheon of the Gods NFTs.


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