Artnet Launch NFT Platform with Inaugural Collection ‘ArtNFT: Beginnings’

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World-renowned fine art platform, Artnet, has dived into the world of NFTs through the launch of its very own NFT platform, ArtNFT. The launch was accompanied by the sale of its inaugural NFT collection, ArtNFT: Beginnings.

On December 21st, those with a registered Artnet account were able to place bids on NFTs from the collection, however the sale has since closed. The collection featured artwork from pioneers and early-artists from within the NFT space, such as Jennifer and Kevin McCoy’s code-based NFT which was inspired by their 2014 work, Quantum, the first ever artwork to be tokenized on the blockchain.

The collection also featured art from more recent generations of artists who are successfully carrying the torch for NFT digital art, including the likes of Georg Nees, Herbert W. Franke, Vuk Ćosić, Miltos Manetas, Kevin McCoy, Dmitri Cherniak, Osinachi, Justin Aversano, Pindar van Arman, FEWOCIOUS, and Kevin Abosch.

The fine art platform has been studying the crypto and NFT space for the past few months, eventually coming to the decision to launch the NFT platform in the most authentic way as possible. In doing so, Artnet are the first art world player to launch with a natively crypto auction from the get-go.

With aid from their 60 million annual users from around the world, Artnet have the ambition to turn ArtNFT into the go-to platform for NFT artists and collectors. The company has established an NFT advisory committee to help achieve this goal, which is made up of industry and marketing experts within the industry, such as Colborn Bell, Tim Cang, Nifty Naught, Claire Silver, Michael Ugwu, TokenAngels, and The Beauty and the Punk. The committee has been set up to ensure that the platform provides the best possible artworks and experience to its users.


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