Artificial intelligence is fueling big techs in their data collection

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The world is still closely following artificial intelligence, which fuels demand for associated training data sets. Models learn fast with good training data, helping them to make accurate decisions.

The main issue is that excellent data is difficult to come by, as huge technology companies store all of the information As a result, data becomes more expensive to acquire. Which is limiting the number of projects that can benefit from AI use cases.

Synesis One has emerged as a solution to the expanding data concerns, using a revolutionary approach to AI training. Users can utilize Synesis One to build datasets that can be used for AI by linking them with a NFT. The data is decentralized and more easily accessible to artificial intelligence projects as an NFT. Furthermore, when projects use the produced sets, users who own the data can be properly paid for their contributions.

By expanding the AI data use case, the platform has established itself as the world’s top DAO for play-to-earn data yield farming and the Solana NFT data marketplace (SOL).

The team is still working on this notion. And they have just signed a major deal for AI data to be used in P2E games.

Synesis One, in collaboration with Yield Guild Games (YGG) and Mind AI, the first beneficiary of the project that uses natural language reasoning to create conversational AI systems, shares that 10% of all revenue will be shared with players.

Providing AI customer service and online integration to business customers allows you to unleash the power of P2E Mind AI’s income. The current SaaS approach produces income because enterprise customers pay Mind AI a monthly subscription each time their software contacts the Mind AI engine.

Currently, the team’s major customer is Villa Market, a Thailand-based international speciality grocery retailer. Villa Market now has 34 locations and generates almost $300 million in annual revenue. This customer is just one of 30 clients for Mind AI in 2022. In terms of earning potential, these figures are encouraging. Indeed, bigger returns for this partner imply more rewards for platform users.


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