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Art On Internet (AOI) is an artisan movement on a mission to leverage the relentless momentum that’s already gathered in the Web3 space, and broaden the scope of digital art and NFTs.

To do so, AOI is hosting a variety of initiatives to boost the accessibility of NFTs to an even larger global audience. This includes NFT drops, metaverse exhibitions, a TV documentary series, and a wide array of other 1/1 events. 

Powered by Unreal Engine, its virtual hub, the ‘AOI Museum,’ boasts a high-fidelity, multi-dimensional exhibit of art which covers all areas of creativity. The space, which is designed to be serene, poetic and immersive through blending the past and future, nature and architecture, interior and landscape, is the vocal point of all AOI collections and collected items, and is available on all web browsers.


With innovation, evolution, and technological progress at its very core, AOI aims to propel community artists into the Web3 stardom which they deserve. ‘Night Visions,’ an NFT series curated by widely-acclaimed artist Jake Fried, is the first collection to receive such treatment, as the platform has helped digitally preserve Fried’s 1,440, 1/1 handcrafted pieces of titles, martial textures, and vibrant colours on the blockchain. By virtue, each Night Visions NFT also serves as a membership card to the Jake Fried Collectors Club.  

In keeping things completely physical, AOI has also dropped a collection of 888 bottles of unfiltered, unpasteurised and undiluted bottles of Muroka Nama Genshu-style ‘Junmai Daiginjo,’ which, if you didn’t already know, is the highest grade of Japan’s traditional rice wine, Sake.

As expected, the collection, titled ‘SAKΞ,’ comes with a rich artistic flair, as each of the creamy white bottles sports a tactile, horizontal pattern which pays homage to the traditional Japanese wave and rice field terraces, whilst their corks carry a fabric label which is inspired by Japanese head scarfs and dress traditions. The items have been designed by Bjarke Ingels Group, a world-renowned collective of designers, inventors, and architects.

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Prized Possessions

In abiding to the platform’s community-driven ethos (and to also coin its ‘collector’ status) AOI owns 274 NFTs, with its most prized possessions being the algorithmically-generated ‘Return Zero’ and ‘Elektroanima’ pieces by US-based artist Tyler Hobbs.

Check out the collection’s rich artistic semblance here.

Whitelist Pass NFTs

The all-encompassing asset of AOI is its Whitelist Pass NFT, which grants lifetime access to its revolutionary Web3 community and the array of world-class artists, collectors, and drops at its diligent disposal.

Through ownership of a Whitelist Pass NFT, holders will also have the chance to join the platform’s #THE1000 community, where in addition to the Whitelist Pass NFT perks, they’ll be able to unlock additional Whitelist benefits, such as guaranteed minting for all drops, monthly giveaways, exclusive 1/1 NFTs, and more. 

1654166709 aoiwhitelist

In order to reach #THE1000 community, collectors must collect multiple Whitelist Pass NFTs, which will then help them climb the ranks and enter the top 1,000 holders.

Find out more >> Art On Internet Website 


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