Arkverse launches a metaverse animal ecosystem

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Arkverse, a blockchain-based metaverse ecosystem, is excited to announce that its meta-bus game will be available soon. The project began in 2022 with the goal of creating a metaverse ecosystem centered on animals using a unique play-to-earn mechanism. There’s also a sense of adventure, ownership, and rewards.

Arkverse is a game by and for animal lovers. One of its primary objectives is to establish a one-of-a-kind ecosystem for people to explore, design, and share animal-related material. It has an animal-themed open-world environment that participants will engage with. Play-to-earn games are in the Arkverse paradigm, allowing players to earn real money.

Arkverse is more than just a win-at-all-costs metaverse. It all comes down to creating the world’s first virtual ecosystem. Users can become immersed in an intriguing open environment filled with wildlife. They can also learn about a variety of environmental issues. People will be empowered as a result of the initiative’s contributions to animal rights organizations.

The company aims to bring together animal lovers in a close-knit community. It hopes to achieve this by allowing users to collaborate and exchange user-created content, hence supporting the metaverse’s organic growth. NFTs, governance tokens, and the game economy are all integrated into the ecosystem to provide users with a structured, long-term, and lucrative gaming loop.


Arkverse will launch a series of ARK NFTs before launching its Metaverse. Each NFT series will have its own tokenomics, which will be linked to the IDO and Metaverse for that series. On February 1, 2022, Arkverse will release the first Arkverse NFT series, which will have 2,022 Tigers with significant benefits for the bearer. Arkverse plans to release a 3D NFT later.

The Arkverse is a multi-currency system that uses two different tokens: $ARK and $Haven. Prior to the launch of its metaverse, the project will decide the exchange rate of the two tokens.

The Arkverse Treasury and DAO’s governance token is $ARK. $Haven, on the other hand, is a metaverse game money for in-game transactions.

In terms of $ARK token distribution, ecosystem rewards account for 30% of the total token supply. The project will allocate tokens for purchase according to the blocked schedule, with 20% going to token sales.


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