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Digital storytelling pioneer, Fragment Studios, has secured the services of legendary game designer, Richard Garfield, as an advisor for its upcoming Applied Primate MegaForce game. This groundbreaking collaboration will look to turbo-charge development of the title, while also leveraging ideas from one of the world’s most celebrated names in tabletop gaming.

The partnership will see Garfield and his consultancy firm, Three Donkeys, play an advisory part in guiding the game through its next phase of development. Essentially, incorporating the level of detail and tactical nous that brought success to Garfield’s runaway hit, ‘Magic: the Gathering.’

Offering a wide gaming ecosystem rich in lore and storytelling, Applied Primate is a perfect fit for Richard and his consultancy team. Effectively, integrating the best elements of traditional IRL and online gaming and coupling them with a powerful new application of blockchain technology. The result will see the platform blossom from an enveloped adventure into an entire decentralized gaming ecosystem.

Taking NFTs to the Next Level

To truly engage with its players and community, Applied Primate has incorporated the latest in digital ownership technology. Through its platform, it has launched a series of NFT collections that back up the game with additional lore, characters and immersive storytelling.

The latest of these sees the arrival of 10,000 NFT robot-themed avatars know as ‘The Sentinels’ currently debuting on the Ethereum blockchain. Minting is occurring in three stages, with holders of Allegiance Cards and Keycards minting first, followed by holders of partner collections on April 7, then owners of BAYC related NFTs on April 9. However, qualification for each mint stage is based on a snapshot of wallets taken at 11:30am EST on April 3.

🚨🚨🚨The MegaForce Sentinel mint has officially begun for Keycard & Allegiance Pass holders.

Let’s go!

— AppliedPrimate (@AppliedPrimate) April 5, 2023

 Pioneering the Web3 Space

Fragment Studios has drawn in thousands of participants with its complex world-building and storytelling, incorporating quests and challenges that enable players to actively shape an evolving narrative. Bringing in Garfield in an advisory role marks a significant milestone for the company as it shifts from isolated online and real-life gaming elements to an all-encompassing gaming ecosystem. This new phase will explore the origins of the MegaForce Sentinels, providing a thrilling adventure for both the characters and their owners.

This bold initiative is part of Fragment’s continuous efforts to create a community-driven, decentralized entertainment platform that uses blockchain technology to enhance ownership, governance, and persistence in in-game worlds. Fragment Studios’ founder, PTM, expressed excitement about working with Garfield and his team to develop a game that explores the capabilities of blockchain technology in delivering a unique gaming experience.

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Richard Garfield’s advisory position for Fragment Studios, and the development of the MegaForce game signals the beginning of an exciting new chapter in blockchain gaming. Combining Garfield’s expertise with Fragment Studios’ inventive approach has pioneered gaming experience that will attract both traditional gamers and those already engaged in the NFTs and web3 technology world.

“It’s truly a dream come true to work with Richard, Skaff and their team to develop a game around Sentinels and the MegaForce that explores how blockchain technologies can help deliver a truly groundbreaking and unique gaming experience for players.” – PTM – Fragment Studios Founder

“I am excited to work with PTM and the rest of the Fragment team to advise them on the development of something that will appeal not only to those already in web3, but also traditional game players who haven’t yet had interest in purchasing an NFT” – Richard Garfield – One of the great tabletop game designers

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