Apes and Punks Battle it Out for NFT Domination

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Way up in the higher branches of the blockchain, a battle has quietly raged. Punks pit themselves against Apes for outright crypto domination, and in the background, fans watched in awe as the inevitable changing of the guard was about to occur.

All throughout December experts were predicting a “flippening,” the moment when the floor price of the Bored Ape Yacht Club would surpass that of long-standing champions, the CryptoPunks. And then, on December 22, it happened. The Bored Apes became, according to NFT marketplace OpenSea, the most valuable asset in town.


wow, the tweet we never expected 6 months ago. https://t.co/qOANMIkt82pic.twitter.com/K84UppAlg7

— Loopify 🧙‍♂️ (@Loopifyyy) December 22, 2021

Owners rejoiced, fireworks lit up the sky, champagne corks propelled dangerously through the air. The Bored Ape floor price stood proudly at 53.9 ETH, while the CryptoPunks languished at 52.69. The fight was over, or was it. Despite BAYC’s glory, the CryptoPunks were outselling the Bored Apes at a rate of 2–1. Floor prices within a whisker of each other. Then the Punks pulled out the ace card.

As of writing, CryptoPunks has no floor price, as not a single one is for sale. Now representing an asset of unfathomable value, the CryptoPunks have reached Valhalla, unlike the Bored Apes, which are in abundance. If you delve deeper, and take a closer look at the genesis Cyberkongz, BAYC aren’t even the most expensive Apes in town. This battle is far from over.

Twitter credit via: Loopify

Source: https://nftplazas.com/apes-punks-nft-domination/

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