APENFT Announce Launchpad with Bunny Planet

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NFT platform APENFT Marketplace has announced the arrival of its launchpad with the first Initial Game Offering (IGO) for Bunny Planet, the blockchain game which won the 2021/22 APENFT and TRON GameFi Hackathon earlier this year. 

A More Decentralized NFT Marketplace

Since its Mainnet launch in April of this year, the platform maintains its zero-handling fee policy and will offer NFT airdrops in the TRON ecosystem as a way of giving back to users for their confidence in and support for APENFT.

Intended to take the platform to the next level, the APENFT Marketplace launchpad will enhance the platform’s fundraising capabilities, to further allow it to create a more diversified and decentralized NFT trading marketplace for investors, project owners, creators, and collectors to enjoy.

Bunny Planet

Bunny Planet, which is the first project to reap the rewards from such initiative, is a game from the TRON network that involves players collecting NFT characters called T.Bunnies. T.Bunnies can engage in Player vs. Environment (PVE) and Player vs. Player (PVP) combats. They can also be bred in order to evolve, or alternatively, can be ‘sacrificed’ (i.e. burned) in order for players to acquire unique resources which will ultimately be of benefit to their whole T.Bunnies squadron. 

After its IGO on the APENFT Marketplace launchpad, the game will begin its beta testing, which will involve the hosting of an open tournament where large prizes will be on offer. 

Find out more about the APENFT Marketplace >> Website

Find out more about Bunny Planet >> Website

Source: https://nftplazas.com/apenft-announce-launchpad-with-bunny-planet/

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