APENFT and Vanity Fair Reunite for Latest Valuart Collaboration

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Leading Tron-based NFT marketplace, APENFT, has once again collaborated with enduring fashion publication, Vanity Fair. Hand in hand, launching another series of NFT covers fresh from accomplished studio Valuart.

The incredible collection showcases the exceptional talent of Valuart’s portfolio of creators, releasing five individual NFTs that look to blend the realms of art, entertainment and crypto into one gloriously stylized technicolour package.

The first four items arrived on the blockchain as unique 1:1 representations of the finest quality artistry, individually showcasing the designs of celebrated contemporary artists The Isolationist, Coup of Grace, Von Doyl and Matteo Ingrao. As such, these four incredible works debuted towards the end of May via a series of auctions on the APENFT marketplace. The initial opening bid was just $120, then ballooned to an exceptional $24,599 – $26,476, with all bids occurring through the Tron native token $TRX.

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Owners of these future artefacts of the APENFT ecosystem will benefit from a range of excellent perks. Holders will receive an annual subscription to Vanity Fair, an APENFT badge, TRX airdrops and VIP access to IRL events. All in addition to the honour of owning a one-of-a-kind piece of Vanity Fair history.

A fifth and final piece to the puzzle comes in the shape of ‘H.E. Justin Sun 2022’ cover art. This time, arriving on the scene in a limited run of 1,000 pieces celebrating the accomplishments of the Tron founder. It is now available via APENFT with a supremely reasonable price tag of 999 $TRX.

Take a look at the H.E. Justin Sun 2022 NFTs >> Here

Source: https://nftplazas.com/apenft-and-vanity-fair-reunite/

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