Anthony Hopkins’ NFT Collection Sells Out in a Few Minutes

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When it was first announced, Anthony Hopkins’ “The Eternal Collection” represented one of the biggest celebrity-backed NFT projects to hit the scene. A beloved Oscar winner like Hopkins in a collection that showed him as the archetypes he has portrayed on screen over a decades-long career? It seemed like a match made in NFT heaven. 

And the project has certainly lived up to expectations. Debuting on OpenSea on October 13, 2022, the 1,000-piece collection sold out completely in less than 10 minutes 

While the collection was allegedly delayed by about an hour in its launch due to technical issues, it performed well once released. The NFTs not only came with the artwork but with perks as well. These included signed physical prints of the works, audio clips, and some particularly rare ones that allowed buyers to meet with Hopkins in person. 

Hopkins, on his part, celebrated the collection’s success, posting to his official Twitter, “Adding this milestone to the repertoire. Thank you, everyone. Thrilling day.” 

With this, Hopkins joins a growing list of celebrities who have launched NFT projects, including Grimes and Lindsay Lohan. And seeing how well this first one has done, we might even get more NFTs from Hopkins.


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