Animoca Brands Throws a REVV Lifeline to the F1 Delta Time Community

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Back in March, pioneering NFT racing game F1 Delta Time wound up operations after losing its Formula 1 License. As a result, a wave of uncertainty engulfed the community as their once prime non-fungibles lost all of their utility value.

Parent company, Animoca Brands, has refused to leave collectors stranded however. Consequently, throwing them a Revv Motorsport-shaped lifeline in order to recoup the value in their NFTs. Therefore, allowing owners to slide right into Animoca Brands’ latest play-to-earn motorsport arena.

REVV Motorsport F1® Delta Time Asset Swap Update is here! 🏁#animoca#blockchain#NFTs#P2E#Gaming

Read on for all the details:

— REVV (@REVV_Token) May 12, 2022

Going forward, F1 Delta Time NFT holders have three options with regards to their assets. Firstly, they can swap them directly for Revv race passes, which will then allow holders to enter a high yield staking program, as well as qualify for airdrops and priority minting events.

Alternatively, owners can transform their NFTs by sending them to a dedicated wallet, where they will receive equivalent REVV NFTs in return. Or, they can opt to keep hold off the Delta Time assets, in hope they will accrue future historical value.

No matter what they choose, it’s reassuring to know that Animoca Brands has their best interests at heart, and that F1 Delta Time NFT holders can broaden their racing ambitions into the REVV Motorsport ecosystem.

Find out full details of the program >> Here


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