Animoca Brands’ nWay Cooks up the Wreck League – NFT Plazas

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Over in the resilient world of Web3 Gaming, Animoca Brands subsidiary, nWay, has just unveiled something spectacular. The skilled development studio is cooking up the ‘Wreck League,’ a hardcore AAA NFT fighting game that truly puts players in control of their destinies. Adding to the grand spectacle, nWay will also incorporate some of the biggest IP in town, with Yuga Labs taking center stage for its inaugural season!

Scheduled to launch in September, the game will task players with building their own superior wrecking machines from a wide array of interchangeable NFT parts. Then sending their well thought out creations into the Wreck League arena, where they will compete for glory in a series of fierce 1v1 PVP battles.

All in all, each machine will be composed of 10 NFT components, each of which, providing its own advantages in the field of play. These come in the shape of arms, chest, head, legs, shoulders, knees, satellites, and accessories, that players can arrange into over 1 quadrillion possible combinations. Players can then switch out these components until they have built the ultimate machine, and trade their unused NFTs on secondary markets like OpenSea.

We are thrilled to announce our latest game, @WreckLeagueHQ! In partnership with @animocabrands, and collaboration with @yugalabs. Powered by @apecoin.

— nWayPlay (@nWayPlayNFT) August 3, 2023

The nWay Wreck League Calls in the Big Guns for Season 1

As part of nWay’s incredible vision, the Wreck League project will partner with of some the world’s most prominent brands. Essentially, allowing it to use the intellectual property to incorporate characters and designs into special edition mechs and components.

The first such endeavor will see Yuga Labs enter the Wreck League by lending its famed BAYC, MAYC, BAKC, and Kodas to the project. As a result, owners of the relative NFTs will have a chance to claim a free Wreck League mech styled to the brand, however, it cannot be changed or deconstructed. In addition, regular players will occasionally receive Yuga Labs themed components alongside the standard affair when purchasing mech parts via the blind box system.

The game itself will launch on both PC and mobile devices, initially via a Web3 platform, but later opening a free-to-play Web2 environment where NFT owners can sell their mechs via in-app purchases. So, gear up, and get ready to battle hard in the nWay’s brand new Wreck League!

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