Anarchy Arcade Sends Voxels Across Metaverses – NFT Plazas

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A new portal by Anarchy Arcade will let you play games on Voxels right from Somnium Space. This eliminates the need to jump from one protocol to another to play or explore different Metaverses. At the start of this week, Robert Hoogendoorn, head of content at DappRadar, challenged builders to create portals that could connect different Metaverse spaces. Users would be able to access these portals using a single NFT avatar, allowing them to freely move from one space to another.

To his surprise, such a portal existed. Responding to his tweet, Anarchy Arcade revealed that they had such a portal that allowed one to access Voxels from Somnium Space. “It is embedded right on the wall.”

I made this portal to @cryptovoxels in @SomniumSpace Web that lets you play it embedded right on the wall, or fully jump into its link.

— Anarchy Arcade (@anarchyarcade) January 30, 2023

Anarchy Arcade Creates Some Space Game On Voxels

By following a link, you can visit various web worlds of your choice either as a registered user or a guest. Surprisingly, the experience is quite seamless and immersive. Dubbed “Some Space Game,” the Voxels embed is a “top-down space ship shooter game.”

The game’s documentation states that it’s “designed to be embedded into parent worlds and run on virtual screens like a mini-game. The game is kept generic for very simple modding and customization on the fly via URL parameters” where “the parent world can pass in UGC customization parameters directly in the URL.”

That said, the minigame is able to run on any Iframe that supports it by relying on a pointer lock. Also, it has easy controls, with most things in it customizable through URL parameters. However, the game’s Welcome Screen acts as its credits and should not be customized.

Developed by Elijah Newman-Gomez, Anarchy Arcade is a free-to-play, indie game “that lets users spawn real-life games, movies, pictures, and other media directly from your PC or the internet into the Metaverse.”

Now the Voxels portal offers a glimpse of how Web3 users can utilize a single avatar to explore different Metaverse realms by having their characters intact without having to rebuild it over in a different space.

Image credit via: Anarchy Arcade

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